May 5, 2022

Changing Lives Through Comedy

Changing Lives Through Comedy
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A vibrant life requires living with intention, being present, and being true to who you are. This is the only way you’ll be able to unleash the best you and create the impact you were meant to have in this world. My guest today has overcome so much to get to where she is and she now tells her story with confidence. She has used her platform and gift to inspire as well as change the lives of many people.


Today, Christie Buchele shares her journey from having a corporate full-time job to being a successful comedian. She explains what living a vibrant life means to her and what has sometimes held her back from attaining it. You'll also find out how she approaches teaching her awesome comedy classes.


Tune in to the second episode of Vibrant Life Unlocked to hear how comedy helped in unlocking a vibrant life!


Some Questions I Ask:

  • What does living a vibrant life mean to you? (03:41)
  • How did you overcome the fear of doing stand-up comedy? (11:55)
  • Who are the youngest and the oldest students that you've ever had? (15:50)
  • Is there anything that surprised you when you were doing that vibrant life scan? (25:27)


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What motivated Christie to make comedy her full-time job (07:22)
  • Why people take her comedy classes (18:53)
  • The adjustments Christie is making to live a more vibrant life (27:04)
  • A demographic breakdown of students in her class (34:29)


Connect with Christie: 


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Christie BucheleProfile Photo

Christie Buchele

Comedian/Director of Stand-Up at Rise Comedy

Christie Buchele is an accomplished standup comic from Denver, Colorado. Making a name for herself by sharing the heart-wrenching and hilariously raw realities of being a woman with a disability. Christie has been featured on Viceland’s, Flophouse; Hidden America with Jonah Ray; Laughs on Fox; First Look on NBC. Christie has performed on Limestone Comedy Festival in Bloomington, Denver's own High Plains Comedy Festival and 208 in Boise. She starred in and wrote for the Project DU film Scary Lucy which has won multiple awards at film festivals around the country. As Director of Stand-Up at Rise Comedy Theater in Denver Colorado, Christie empowers young comics to hit the stage running and tell their stories with confidence.

Christie has been described as "Brave" for leaving the house in that body, Christie's comedy has been described as "funny despite what she talks about..." and "Uncomfortable.." by Christie's mom. She was chosen to open up for the likes Josh Blue, Marc Maron and David Cross.
Christie co-hosted a witty relationship advice podcast, Empty Girlfriend, which earned best Comedy Podcast by Westword Magazine and best Podcast for Sexpot Comedy in 2017. As one third of the Denver Comedy powerhouse, The Pussy Bros, Christie reps the Mile High City hard while crushing audiences with a wry, biting style that’s a bit sweet, a and a little bit surly; proving time and again you can say almost anything with a smile on your face and a gimp in your step.