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Leadership isn’t titles

In systems of elected and unelected officials, it’s easy to confuse titles for leadership. Anastasia reveals this truth in her interviews with interesting people unlocking their secrets to living vibrantly.

Calming Presence

I love listening to Anastasia's voice. Her voice puts me at ease. I also enjoyed hearing aout some of her backstory and being able to learn more about her as a person.

I’m a fan

I loved hearing some of your story and can’t wait to hear more … I will definitely be listening in.

Great first chapter

Anastasia has a compelling story of perseverance that we can all learn from. She understands that we all deserve to live life to the fullest and is on a mission to help her listeners achieve this. To the American ear, her Russian accent is definitely a mix of exotic, confident and compassionate and easy to grasp. Looking forward to more.

So much

So much information and so interesting!

First episode had me at hello!

Just listened to the first episode and I’m hooked. Anastasia is on a powerful mission that the world is yearning for right now. Her multi faceted background and perspective is truly vibrant and makes me think outside an otherwise common box. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Exciting and Informative

Loved hearing a small piece of Anastasia’s journey to the United States and how she has worked to maximize the value and the vibrancy, not only of her life but of many others. Excited for future episodes as she unlocks the “special sauce” that can lead to vibrancy in all of our lives!

Nice job Anastasia!

I enjoyed sharing the Podcast Accelerator (PA) class with you, and appreciated your insight. Thanks for sharing some of your personal journey with us, I can’t imagine what it would be like to immigrate to another country only to face promises unmet… your courage is admirable.

Are we living a vibrant life?

Loving this podcast! Anastasia’s kind, vibrant, and heartfelt voice invites me in to hear her story and to look forward to future podcasts and future stories, tips, and revelations. I love asking how am I cultivating and unlocking my most vibrant life! Won’t you subscribe and unlock yours?

Insightful and inspiring

On the freshman episode Anastasia welcomes the listener with ease and brings you into her vibrant life. What a refreshing listen and even a challenge to look at my own life. Looking forward to what she brings next!