Aug. 9, 2022

Sustaining A Vibrant Life with Esther Lee Leach

Sustaining A Vibrant Life with Esther Lee Leach
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Living a vibrant life while balancing a busy work schedule and family time is not easy. It is not something that you can achieve without being intentional in your time management. You have to get your priorities right and then try as much as possible to be mentally present in all your scheduled activities.

Today, I’m joined by Esther Lee Leach, the Director of Membership Development, Events & Partnerships at Clayton Members Club & Hotel. She is also the Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine, a monthly digital style publication. She’ll share with us how her upbringing in St. Lucia Island shaped what she does today. She’ll also share with us how good time management helps her maintain a vibrant life.

Tune in to theninth episode of Vibrant Life Unlocked to hear how Esther sustains a vibrant life!

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Esther’s upbringing has shaped her (03:08) 
  • What a vibrant life means to her (08:26)
  • How she connects her passion for fashion with her passion for the community (11:35)
  • Her advice to people who want to have their own style (13:59)
  • How parenting in the US differs from parenting in St. Lucia (16:29)
  • An event that shifted her life’s vibrancy (20:25)
  • Her advice on time management (25:25)


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