July 28, 2022

The True Power of Photography with Jensen Sutta

The True Power of Photography with Jensen Sutta
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Photography enables us to see and appreciate the beauty that is all around us. It also allows us to create mental impressions of how people were feeling at the moment the photos were taken. In fact, most of the assumptions that we have about celebrities mostly come from how they appear in portraits. 

Today, I am delighted to be joined by Jensen Sutta, a husband, and dad who lives a vibrant life while having a dream job. Jensen is always traveling to photograph the world's best events and the world’s biggest celebrities, athletes, and Hollywood Stars. He is passionate about supporting a wide variety of non-profit organizations. From the Kentucky Derby to Elton John's Oscar Party and everything in between, Jensen has done it and won multiple awards for being the best in his industry. 

Jensen is going to share with us how he got into photography and some of the celebrities that he has worked with. He’ll also share the one thing that he’s seeking to do more of to achieve a more vibrant life. Additionally, you'll hear what his book “Five Feet From Greatness” is all about.

Tune in to the eighth episode of Vibrant Life Unlocked to hear how Jensen sustains a vibrant life despite his busy schedule!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Jensen got into photography (01:52)
  • Some of the biggest stars that Jensen has worked with (05:15)
  • How he’s able to balance his work life and his family life (10:18)
  • What his book ‘Five Feet From Greatness’ is all about (15:29)
  • An area of his life he’s working on to achieve a more vibrant life (23:46)


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