May 3, 2022

🔥 45 Strategies for Burnout Prevention

🔥 45 Strategies for Burnout Prevention

We all experience periods of feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Nobody is immune. Before you know it, you are in a full burnout mode with no light at the end of the tunnel. Learn 45 strategies to prevent burnout and bounce back quickly from a stressful situation.

Download "Burnout Prevention Strategies Workbook" on the home page and let us know if you have any strategies that work best for you. We will look at 7 areas of your life and provide strategies for each: 

  • Time 
  • Body

  • Mind

  • Work 
  • Play

  • Spirit & Emotions

  • Relationships. 

We start with time, and if you don't create more time in your life, nothing will change. In my opinion, time management is overrated. Focus on building sustainable systems to manage your energy, priorities, efficiency, and time will manage itself. At the end of the workbook, there is space to pick your top 1-3 strategies for each of these areas. 

Below are my personal top game-changing strategies for burnout prevention.  

1. Time 

Eliminate email overload with SaneBox.

It is an amazing tool that I've recently discovered. This super easy-to-use software will save you at least 1 hour per week. 

2. Body

Do regular physical activities that are fun. Find your FUN in exercise and exercise at least 3 times per week - plan your workouts for the week. 

Sticking to your routine no matter what is happening around you will give you a much-needed mental break... and endorphins.

3. Mind 

To prevent digital burnout, implement a digital detox routine. During the day try to take some time to disconnect yourself from technology. Put away your laptop & phone; stop checking email for at least 20 minutes. Challenge yourself to 24-hour digital detox at least once a month.

I am on news detox right now! I only allow myself to look at the news twice a day.

4.  Spirit and Emotions 

Reflect on your past. You’ve likely been through countless challenges throughout your life. What has helped you to get through them? What are your superpowers?

I'm challenging myself to apply my top 5 Clifton Strengths daily (Maximizer, Influencer, Individualization, Achiever, Focus).

5. Work 

Do not do any work-related tasks 2 hours before bed.

Well, this is more of an aspiration at this point!

6. Play 

Plan and schedule your FUN activities/weekends to maximize leisure time.

I schedule my weekends on Wednesday nights and then a quick review on Friday nights. 

7. Relationships

Automate your social life. Create a system for staying in touch with people who are important to you and use it consistently.

I'm using an old fashioned google doc with automatic reminders plus testing a new app (personal CRM).

Be kind to yourself, and remember - prevention is always easier than the cure.

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